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Hear What Our Clients Say

George obtained a loan for our company to purchase our land and buildings, buy trucks and trailers, and repay an existing bank loan. This was a complicated transaction, with multiple corporations, and many different credit issues. George was able to understand all of this, and explain it to the lender. He also analyzed several different company structures and loan options in a manner that the owners and key people could understand. It took a while to resolve these issues, but George persisted, and had a lender with the patience to allow us to get all issues resolved, get the loan closed, and move forward with our plans. I would highly recommend George for any financing needs. He is easy to work with, and gets things done.

TJ Carroll, General Manager
Gabriel Ruffolo Landscaping Inc.

I wanted to purchase my company from the current owner. This required a valuation of the company and a payment schedule that was fair to both the seller and me. I had no idea how to do this. George Skweres showed me how to value the company, and how to structure the payments. He made a complex subject easy for me to understand. My transaction was successfully completed. I also wanted to move the company to a larger space. George very quickly provided a list of available properties, which helped me in finding my new location. I would highly recommend George to anyone who wants to buy or sell a business. He understood not only the numbers, but also the business issues.

Don Rigali, President
Rigali Packaging Products Inc.

George has performed miracles for my clients in assisting them in finding “The Right Funding” for their businesses for expansion, materials, and buyouts. He listens, hears, has incredible sources, and has tremendous follow through. It is a privilege and honor to recommend him..

Dr. Norman Roth
Growth, A Division of Roth Sales Enhancers

George Skweres obtained an SBA loan which allowed me to purchase a chiropractic practice. The practice I purchased is five times the size of my old practice. I had some doubts about my ability to borrow enough to do this. George told me it could get done. He guided my wife Suzanne and me through every stage of the process, and handled all lender issues and conversations. He showed persistence and attention to detail in getting everything done. The purchase closed, and I am very happy. I now own a practice it would have taken me many years to build on my own. I owe all of this to George.

Dr. Danny McLane, DC
ADIO Chiropractic Clinic

The loan obtained by George Skweres allowed us to purchase a building for our company headquarters, pay off a second mortgage on a rental house, and provide working capital to buy a related business. George led us through the thought process that it was cheaper to buy the building than it was to lease space. We did not consider that it was possible to pay off the loan on the rental house, but George showed us how this was possible, and why it made economic sense. There were several lender issues which George handled effectively, with minimal time spent by us, during a period when we could not spend a lot of time. We would recommend George to any potential customers.

Cheri and Adam Ring, Owners
A-Action Pest Control Inc.

Livingston Products, Inc. has been developing innovative products for its clients and its own manufacturing for 30 years. We have started production on a new product that enables a person in a wheelchair to easily travel over snow, sand, grass, and mud called Freedom Trax. Additional capital was required to begin full manufacturing and marketing this new product and our present bank was unwilling to support our needs.

With the invaluable introductions and assistance by George Skweres we were able to successfully obtain the banking partnership we sought and an SBA loan. George was instrumental in guiding us through the extensive SBA documentation process. Without his assistance I doubt we could have made it through the paperwork nightmare.

With this new funding we have purchased a small manufacturing plant and have begun production for international distribution of our Freedom Trax product line.

Troy Livingston, President
Livingston Products Inc.

I had tried for years to refinance my business capitalization loan from 2006. This loan was interest only, at a very high interest rate. I was turned down by two lenders before George Skweres got involved. This situation caused me a lot of stress. After looking at my situation, George told me he would get this done, and he did. There were several issues that came up in the process of getting the loan closed, and George dealt with every issue. The loan George obtained reduces principal every month, for the same monthly payment as the original interest only loan. I could not be happier with what George accomplished.

Dr. Jordan Leasure, DC
North Shore Pro-Active Health

I had an opportunity to buy a competitor. I did not know how to accomplish this. George Skweres helped me to analyze the numbers and determine how much I could afford to pay for the business, and if it made sense. George also found an experienced attorney capable of handling this transaction. The purchase of the business could not move forward because the seller would not provide required information, but George obtained a working capital loan to allow me to expand my business. I would have been overwhelmed by the documents and information required during this process, but George handled everything. I would highly recommend George to any business owner needing help in understanding the needs of his business, and obtaining the necessary financing.

John Dini, President
Electronic Entry Systems Inc.

I was a passive investor in three properties with the same partners. I was concerned that I was not being treated fairly, and hired George Skweres to analyze the three transactions and the related closing statements, operating agreements, and financial statements for several years. George summarized the deals in a manner that I could understand. Most importantly, he discovered a $90,000 disbursement to my partners from one of the closings that I did no know about. He proved to be organized, persistent, and skilled at focusing on the most important details. I would not hesitate to use George again for any business venture I was involved in.

Robert Surman

Affinity Financial Services