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Real Estate Valuations

Understanding Real Estate Valuations

You are renting space, and want to buy the building you are renting.  How much should you pay?

You want to find a building to buy.  How do you find it?

 What is the value of the building you want to buy?

We will prepare an operating statement from current and historical operations.  The value is calculated by applying a risk-based capitalization rate to the net income.  This will show the reasonableness of the asking price, and prevent you from overpaying.

How do I find a building to purchase?

George Skweres is a licensed real estate broker.  In addition, we have an extensive network of experienced commercial brokers.  We can find the building that best suits your needs.  We also have a network of attorneys, accountants, inspectors, insurance agents, and contractors to assist in your purchase.

To find out how Affinity Financial Services can assist you with your Real Estate needs, call us at (847) 502-8072.

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